About Autoprotocol

You Don't Need To Program To Use Transcriptic

You can use pre-written, validated protocols launched from your web browser to run experiments already supported, or work with Transcriptic's Applications Group to implement new protocols. Authoring new methods by writing Autoprotocol directly is for power users.

Quick Guide For Writing & Submitting Protocols

See the Example Command Line Workflow for a quickstart guide to authoring a protocol and launching a run.

What is Autoprotocol?

Autoprotocol is a JSON-formatted data structure developed by Transcriptic that provides a precise way of describing biological protocols. The project is open source so that any scientist can submit ASC's or Autoprotocol Standard Changes. The complete Autoprotocol spec can be found at Autoprotocol is the language we use at Transcriptic to talk to our automation. A run can be submitted by posting properly formatted autoprotocol to the server.

The transcriptic Command Line Tool is a command line interface for Transcriptic's API. It allows you to submit Autoprotocol-formatted protocols to projects within your Transcriptic account, upload protocol packages, and provides other tools for previewing and analyzing Autoprotocol output.

View transcriptic on PyPi

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Autoprotocol Python Language Library

Currently, the easiest way to generate a protocol in Autoprotocol is by using the autoprotocol-python library

View the Autoprotocol python library documentation.

View Autoprotocol-python on Github

About Autoprotocol

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