Liquid Handling - Multi Channel (Stamping)

Multichannel liquid handling at Transcriptic supports full 96-tip (8x12) as well as full rows (8xN) and full columns (Nx12) transfer in the SBS-compliant 96-tip format using the stamp instruction.

Instruction and Parameters

The stamp instruction has the field groups, which is an array of transfer objects

  "op": "stamp",
  "groups": [
        "transfer": [
            "from": origin,
            "to": origin,
            "volume": volume,

            // same mix options as a 'transfer' group in the 'pipette' instruction
            "mix_before": {...},  //optional
            "mix_after": {...} //optional
          {...} // additional transfers using same tips
        "shape": {  // default: {"rows": 8, "columns": 12}
          "rows": integer,
          "columns": integer
        "tip_layout" : integer,  // optional, default: 96

Each transfer takes a volume of liquid from wells of a plate and transfers it to another plate using whole rows or whole columns of tips dependent on the shape.

The from and to wells correspond to the top-left wells of the source and destination respectively.

The shape parameter describes a rectangle with values rows and columns that specify the number of rows and columns of tips to be transferred in accordance to the SBS-compatible tip_layout. Transcriptic currently only supports tip_layout = 96 and either rows must be 8 or columns must be 12 (only full rows or full columns can be transferred).

Each transfer must have the same shape and tip_layout

Please be aware that tip_layout = 96 will address a 384 well plate by skipping every other row and column.

Every transfer uses new tips. Instructions within a transfer use the same tips.

Volume Range



5μL - 200μL


200μL - 1000μL

1% or less


The tips used for stamp are automatically selected based on the total volume being moved in a single operation. Transfers within the same stamp group must use the same tip size.

Tip size
Maximum volume
Minimum volume








Multichannel liquid handling operations are performed using an Agilent Bravo liquid handler.

Liquid Handling - Multi Channel (Stamping)

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